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Baselayers & undersuits for motorcycle, ski, stormtrooper movie props & cosplay
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One piece under suit

Product Code: ONEA1 | Manufacturer: extreme racing | Condition: New | Weight: 0.5Kg

extreme racing one piece under suit is manufactured using a specially blended cotton & lycra fabric for enhanced moisture management & thermal protection. 

Our blended fabric reacts to all kinds of different conditions, from excessive heat to extreme cold. In warm weather, perspiration is removed from the skin surface keeping the wearer cool, conversely in cold conditions the natural thermal properties of the fabric allow heat to be retained. Should excess heat occur, the fabric disperses it in the usual manner. 

Our design ensures the under suit will not ride up whilst riding & aid your durability whether skiing or any other energetic activity keeping you fully focused at all times. 

The fabric is light weight & durable keeping the wearer comfortable, the 2 way zip allows easy toilet trips & with a non iron cool wash care instruction simple to look after.

Designed to be worn 365 days a year the extreme racing one piece base layer gives support to key areas with its highly flexible yet supportive fabric blend

Sizing FAQ: if you are in between sizes always go for the next size up, for example 42" chest & 5' 10" Feet tall choose the XL , if you are tall with a small chest size choose the height for sizing.   

Mens chest sizes  

Womens sizes  


32"-36" 71-92cm
max height 5' 6"(168cm)




38"-40" 92-97cm
max height 5' 8"(175cm)




40"-42" 97-100cm 
max height 5' 10" (180cm)




42"-44" 100-105cm
max height 6' 2" (186cm)




44"-46" 105-110cm
max height 6' 4" (190cm)



One piece under suit

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5


Bought this as needed something for riding on cold days and it was a great price and I'm not disappointed at all,brilliant bit of kit that is well made. Does exactly what is designed to.

Anonymous Apr 07 2015, 21:59 pm

Looking? Found.

Don't even bother comparing this under layer with other under layers, this is top notch. Just buy it. Spot on under my Spada one piece leathers. Great warmth and comfort while riding my 600RR. Awesome around the house as well. If you didn't want it you wouldn't be reading this. Quality materials as well, not even joking. Really good.

Wearfield Dec 28 2014, 23:58 pm

One piece base layer

Working on a film here in the Canadian Rockies, this base layer helps set me up for the days work outside. Layering being the optimal way I can work the hours I do outside while keeping warm & dry. So far I'm very pleased to report my new extreme base layer is working as planned.

Dean Eilertson Nov 25 2014, 17:21 pm

Good product

Bought this to replace my one piece EDZ suit which I've worn nearly every day for 7 years. The Extreme one piece is thicker and due to the Lycra has a nice compression fit to it. You notice it more under your leathers but soon acclimatise to it and it's definitely warmer than the EDZ but you don't overheat. I've just done a 500 mile weekend in it during the hot weather on my FJR1300 and it was fine. Washed it and due to the cotton/lycra mix, does not dry as quick as EDZ but this is not an issue. If it lasts me as long it'll be the best bargain I've invested in. Recommended.

Kelvin Turner Jul 08 2014, 17:32 pm

Base Layer

There are many alternatives all of which cost more some costing over £150 but this is an example of cheap and cheerful. This is my fourth set and I wear them under my leathers for racing and track days and I wear them under my armour for Enduro to stop my knee braces and armour from chafing. The suits are robust, last well, are very comfortable and do their job well. Recommended.

DHTMBowen Jun 09 2014, 09:58 am

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