About us

We've been manufacturing undersuits in the UK since 1996. Originally designed to go under motorcycle leathers now used in a multitude of leisure activities.

A UK Garrison member who enquired whether we could produce a version without a logo for him to use under his stormtrooper costume as visible logos were not compliant.
Our initial run of 100 suits was manufactured and these quickly sold out leading to the start of our current range
We work alongside troopers to create all of our latest product range to make sure we only produce items that are required plus ensuring compliance with the 501st.
We are also the supplier of the First Order stormtrooper undersuit as seen in Episode VII, The Force Awakens after we created this especially for Pinewood Studios Costume Dept.
Recently we were contacted again asking for an open neck undersuit as the wrap over closed neck was hot when filming & trooping so we produced what we have today.
We are always happy to help with sizing or any other queries including new product requests so please feel free to contact us.